Friday, April 15, 2011

4 Victims identified in Hudson River mishap

This is a follow-up report of the Hudson River vehicular accident I reported two days ago.
The tragic accident involved LaShanda Armstrong who put her four children in a van and drove to the river killing Landon Pierre, 5, Lance Pierre, 2 and Laianna Pierre, 11 months, the Boston Herald said.
The eldest son, LaShaun Armstrong, 10, was able to swim to safety when the 25-year-old mom drove the vehicle to the cold and murky waters. Cold and soaked, he was found by a passer-by along the shore who sent him to the firehouse for help.
City Police Chief Michael Ferrara told media, "LaShaun had difficulty speaking about the incident—he just kept repeating 'the car went into the water.'"
LaShaun told the police of her mom who drove the minivan off a Newburgh dock and into the Hudson River that she wasn not leaving this world alone.
"If I'm going to die, you're going to die with me," LaShanda as told by LaShaun, the NY Daily News reported.
What triggered LaShanda to do the unthinkable act remains a puzzle to the police but they believe domestic violence was involved.
The police received a call at 19:43 from Angela Gilliam, LaShanda's aunt. Gilliam said the children and her mom were in danger because of an incidence of domestic violence.
No one was home when the cops arrived. There was no history of such violence.
Not elaborating further, Gilliam said of her niece, "She was a good mother. She was going through some stuff. Nobody knows what my niece went through."
LaShanda appeared to be stressed earlier Tuesday when she picked up the children at the Young and Unique Christian Development Child Care according to Shaniesha Strange, supervisor in the infant room.
"The only thing she’d say was that she was so alone. She’s a single parent. She takes great care of her kids, goes to school and works. She really needed a helping hand," Strange said.
Jean Pierre, father of the three dead children, was questioned by the police but did not give details. He did not live with the four. He could not immediately be located for statement.
Another teacher at the day care center, Hetty Minatee, said of LaShanda, "A couple weeks ago, she came in a little upset. She (LaShanda) said, ’Miss Minatee, I don’t want the father to pick the kids up or have any contact with them.’ She said she was trying to get a court order so he could never see the kids again."
Watch this YouTube video for the press release.
Details of this story here.

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