Friday, April 29, 2011

7-Day Cambodia-Thai unrest kills 15

It has been a week since a new round of gunfights between two Southeast Asian countries erupted once again over a vague territorial claim and no resolution seem to be in sight as both sides accuse each other of being uncooperative.
The week-long firing between Cambodian and Thai armies has resulted in 14 casualties and forced thousands of residents on both sides to leave their houses, the AP said.

Thailand's Major Sukit Subanjui confirmed one soldier died in this morning's clash that injured four others.
Meanwhile, Cambodia's field commander Suos Sothea said the fighting was very heavy and involved artillery fire and rockets.

The shelling centered again near the ancient temples in Cambodia' s Ta Krabey and Ta Moan, said Col. Suos Sothea.
Thai PM Abhisit Vejjajiva was accused on Wednesday by Cambodian PM Hun Sen of provoking the tension between the two neighboring states over the poorly defined land dispute.
Bangkok canceled the peace talks with Phnom Penh thereby offering little hope to end the deadly border fight.
Reports are not clear on what triggered the recent clash but surely both countries are pointing at the other.
Earlier reports said that Thailand wants bilateral negotiations with Cambodia free from international intervention because historically, the latter was often favored.
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