Friday, April 22, 2011

Haiti has new president

Haiti's electoral commission announced on Wednesday that Michel Joseph Martelly won the presidential elections held 28 November.
The singer turned politician vows to put on top of his to-do list the education and agriculture sectors and houses for earthquake victims, Al Jazeera reported.
The 50-year-old president-elect will officially become the chief of the Carribeam country on 14 May.
He will become the 56th President of Haiti succeeding René Préval.
Known to be the pioneer of kompas music--a Haitian dance music using the Creole language--Martelly has no political experience.
He won a commanding 67.6 percent of the votes in an election that was marred by irregularities, fraud, violence and delays.
Martelly defeated Mirlande Manigat.
Known as "Sweet Mickey," Haiti's president-elect said in a news conference that he has huge challenges ahead. Reconstruction in his country is "despairingly slow." He emphasized the need to deal with the epidemic of cholera that has caused over 4,700 deaths since October.
He also warned that disease could spread with the coming hurricane season.
With 9.7 million people, the county was devastated when a magnitude 7.0 earthquake killed over 225,000 and left 1.5 million people homeless in the capital Port-au-Prince on 12 January 2010.
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