Monday, April 04, 2011

Is TEPCO going to build nuclear plants in the US?

"TEPCO" seems to be a feared household name these days. TEPCO—the abbreviated name of Tokyo Electric Power Company—is the operator of the badly-damaged Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear plant that suffered from the double disasters over three weeks ago.
I could not find a report from mainstream Press, but several blog sites said that the Japanese power company will build two nuclear reactors in Texas. What?
An article dated 14 March from a "great" journalist, Greg Palast, said: "The (Obama) Administration, just months ago, asked the Congress to provide a $4 billion loan guarantee for two new nuclear reactors to be built and operated on the Gulf Coast of Texas—by Tokyo Electric Power and local partners. As if the Gulf hasn't suffered enough."
If the author is the same person as Gregory Ally Palast I saw on Wikipedia, then the 58-year-old man is a New York Times-bestselling author and BBC journalist, whose interests include corporate misconduct and investigative journalism.
In another blog entry, it was mentioned that it was in December when Pres. Obama asked the Congress for the multi-billion dollar loan for the construction of the nuclear plants.
The earlier story continued by saying that the $4billion bail-out-in-the-making is called the South Texas Project.
Energy will be produced by a Westinghouse-made reactor, an American company that was bought by Japan's Toshiba and the reactor will be made substantially in the badly-hit country.
Details of this report here.

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