Monday, April 11, 2011

Millions of yen found but nobody claims

Tens of millions of lost cash were turned in to authorities that were found in the rubbles of the ravaged Tōhoku region following the onslaught of tsunami last month, according to the police Saturday.
Iwate and Miyagi cops said they receive hundreds of items containing cash everyday since the disaster struck, reported by The Japan Times.
However, claims were done in less than ten percent of cases according to Miyagi police.
"It is impossible to return cash unless it is found inside a wallet together with an ID," a senior police said.
Authorities doubt whether they will be able to find the original owners unless any form of identification are found with the lost money.
There was a suggestion from the survivors to use the unclaimed cash to help in the reconstruction of the damaged areas.
Japan's law provides: A person who found the money may keep it if the original owners do not claim the cash within the 90-day holding period. If the person who is suppose to receive the unclaimed money did not come forward to receive it within 60-days, the ownership will be transferred to the owners of the property where the money was found or the money will be owned by the prefectural governments.
"I want anybody picking up money to donate it to disaster-hit areas instead of keeping it for themselves," said Shigeko Sasaki, 64, an evacuee in Minamisanriku, Miyagi Prefecture.
The head of the disaster prevention system, Takehiko Yamamura, urged authorities to extend the 90-day custodial period and special permission to open a safe to identify the owner.
Author's note: In all honesty, how shall we behave under similar circumstances? It is during difficult times that the best or the worst human behavior surface. The Japanese are shining examples showing their greatness.
Details of this report here.

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