Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Two US envoys leave Latin America in one month over WikiLeaks

It seems that we have missed WikiLeaks because of so many big headlines that are going on simultaneously.
Two American ambassadors left Latin America over the past month, in Ecuador and in Mexico fueled by leaked cables.
The Ecuador government has expelled US ambassador to Quito Heather Hodges on Tuesday last week and was declared "persona non grata" due to her statements in the declassified cables released by WikiLeaks, said Reuters.
In the confidential diplomatic cable dated 10 July 2009 and signed by Hodges, the secret-spilling site revealed that the American emissary accused a national police chief of corruption and human trafficking.
The Sweden-based group that exposes government misconducts from anonymous sources further said in the cable that the US envoy hinted that Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa had some knowledge of the high-level police corruption.
The US said the move was not justified and, in turn, expelled Ecuadorean ambassador Luis Gallegos two days later.
On 19 March, American ambassador to Mexico Carlos Pascual resigned after public ridicule from Mexican President Felipe Calderón over the comments the emissary made about the country's inadequacy to fight the drug problem as released by the whistle-blowing site.
Pascual became the first US envoy to lose his job because of the thousands of leaked cables, in a report by The Christian Science Monitor.
Meanwhile, WikiLeaks' founder and Editor Julian Assange is living in the UK and fighting sexual misconduct charges.
The Australian journalist appealed to a London court against extradition to Sweden where the charges were filed.

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