Sunday, May 01, 2011

Tokyo complains to Paris over offensive TV show

Japan's embassy in Paris complained to a television operator for airing an offensive satirical show that depicted the triple disasters that hit the country several weeks ago.
Embassy officials said Saturday they sent a complaint letter to Canal Plus on 18 March for broadcasting the Les Guignols de L'info's puppet play shortly after the calamities struck the country on 11 March, the Kyodo News said.
In the broadcast, a 1945 image of post-atomic bomb Hiroshima was compared to devastated Sendai city after it was struck by the natural disasters.
A commentary was made that "Japan did not make efforts to reconstruct for the past 50 years."
The embassy made a verbal protest on 21 March saying the program made fun of the situation and hurt the feelings of the calamity victims.
The nuclear workers who are working round the clock to contain the accident were portrayed as game characters.
In reply, officials of the French premium pay television channel, Canal Plus, said that their show is not a news program and it criticizes anything.
Using puppets, the program aims to bring cynical laughter on many topics and persona sometimes resembling French leader Nicolas Sarkozy and other famous people.
Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand apologized to Japan in an earlier report for publicizing images and private emails that were uncalled for during the time.
There are many available YouTube videos related to quake-tsunami calamities in the French satirical program. However, I could not find the exact video that showed the Hiroshima-Sendai comparison.
The attached video is one of them and it was uploaded on 12 March, a day after the calamities struck Japan.
Details of this report here.

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