Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Behold, Facebook now has 750 million users

Facebook has more than 500 million active users per month
Nearly a year after Facebook announced it reached half a billion users, the popular social networking site now has 750 million active members.
That number makes Mark Zuckerberg’s company cover close to eleven percent of the world's 6.9-billion population.
If Facebook were a country, it will be the third largest after China and India, displacing the US.
This was announced by TechCrunch on 23 June but not publicly confirmed by the California-based company.
TechCrunch thinks Facebook will make it official when they reach the first billion mark.
Since its 2004 conception, the company hit 500 million members in 2010. In January, it was semi-officially reported that there were 600 million users. It is impressive that 250 million netizens joined in over the past year.
Although Facebook lost 1.5 million Canadian members and 6 million US users in May where it became initially famous, new members are coming from countries that later adopted it such as Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico and the Philippines, VR Zone said.
There are endless bad and good Facebook stories that we’ve heard of. There were children who died because of parental neglect in favor of updating their statuses, people who were killed and sexually molested from meeting Facebook acquaintances for the first time, and mothers who Facebooked their way to giving birth. But there are also good stories like the Arab Spring, long-lost parents and children reunited, and the never-ending sharing of memories with all our friends.
For whatever a person uses the social media, it pays to be careful and not to reveal so much of their private lives for their own protection. Just enjoy the Facebook ride.
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