Thursday, June 09, 2011

Greece arrests teen star hacker

People walk by the headquarters of the National Bank of Greece in Athens
An 18-year-old Greek man believed to have hacked in to the electronic files of the US government and Interpol was arrested by the police in Athens on Wednesday.
Using the alias "nsplitter," the star hacker had broken into the Websites of FBI, the international crime fighting agency and a score of other sites, Lanka Business Online reported.
The young man was arrested on charges of computer fraud, forgery, violation of privacy, and possession of illegal weapons.
Manolis Sfakianakis, head of Greece's cybercrime squad, told state television NET, "He has carried out such strikes all over the world from his home.
"Interpol is the basic one, and government sites in the US. He acted alone, though he has worked with others before."
In 2009, the young hacker illegally accessed the homepages of the National Security Agency, the Pentagon and the FBI.
The teenager who is wearing a tattoo on his back saying "Capitalism is opportunity and opportunity is freedom" in several languages made dummy plastic money by using toolbars downloaded by unsuspecting customers and used the information to withdraw money.
The authorities said, "He had 130 blank cards where he placed whatever data he wanted. Five of them he had filled with details of people that had no idea."
After a two-year search, the authorities traced him in his home in Aghios Dimitrios, southern Athens where he lived with his mother, Ekathimerini News said.
During Tuesday's raid, the police found approximately 8,000 Euros ($11,700) and $300 in cash, external drives, laptops and a router.
An improvised explosive devise containing gun powder was also discovered although the police did not link him to any terrorist activities.
The suspect has also reportedly invested in about 50 companies listed on the Athens stock exchange.
He will testify on Thursday and if convicted, he will spend five years behind bars.
Details of this report here.

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