Monday, June 27, 2011

Iran condemns US for terrorism

Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei labeled the US as having "dark record of terroristic behaviors" for its drone attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan that have allegedly killed a number of civilians.
During his speech at the two-day anti-terrorism conference in Tehran this weekend, Khamenei added that a state who is engaged in such activities cannot lecture the world in battling terrorism, Daily India reported.
Over 50 heads of states and senior officials attended the International Conference of the Global Campaign against Terrorism in Iran including Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Tajikistan, said Xinhua News.
The supreme leader claimed that the US has armed and financed terrorist groups in the region, condemned the fatal drone attacks the killed people in Afghan and Pakistani villages that "have turned, many times, weddings into mourning ceremonies."
Khamenei also accused the US of the crimes committed by the Black Water in Iraq—a private military founded in 1997—for killing Iraqis including nuclear scientists, assisting terrorist organizations, shooting down Iran's passenger aircraft carrying 300 people.
A spokesman from the foreign ministry said the conference will deal with "double standard" of the powerful countries on terrorism.
The world powers disguise campaigning against terrorism when their interests are in jeopardy but discuss with terrorists for their self interests.
The report also said the conference aims to clearly and precisely define what terrorism is. There was also mention of Palestinians being labeled by the US and its European allies as terrorists, in a report by Tehran Times.
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