Thursday, June 23, 2011

Italy: End the Libyan war

NATO Secretary General Rasmussen addresses a news conference on Libya at the Alliance headquarters in Brussels
WARNING: The attached YouTube video shows the shocking conditions of civilians who were killed during NATO attacks in Libya.
The Italian foreign minister urged the immediate cessation of aggression in the war-torn north African state in order for humanitarian help reach the people, Sky News said.
Minister Franco Frattini added, "With regard to NATO, it is fair to ask for increasingly detailed information on results as well as precise guidelines on the dramatic errors involving civilians."
A twitter message via BreakingNews said, "NATO has been launching airstrikes from Italy - AFP via Sky News."
In an earlier report, the 28-member coalition admitted to hitting a military target that killed 19 people including three children.
But a NATO spokesman operating from Naples defended the alliance's credibility and said, "I would suggest that our reputation and credibility is unquestionable.
"What is questionable is the Qadhafi regime's use of human shields, (and) firing missiles from mosques."
Details of this report here.

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