Monday, June 20, 2011

NATO kills Libyan rebels inadvertently, again

Rebels fire rockets towards forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi near Brega in eastern Libya
Oh no, not again.
NATO expressed remorse on Saturday for accidentally hitting vehicles of Libyan insurgents during an airstrike in an eastern oil town on Thursday.
An unknown number of people died when the coalition body that was mandated to protect civilians against the 42-year-old rule of Col. Muammnar Gaddafi struck a column of military vehicles in Brega they believed were government forces.
In a statement, the coalition said, "NATO can now confirm that the vehicles hit were part of an opposition patrol."
The alliance regretted "any possible loss of life or injuries caused by this unfortunate incident," AP reported.
Four corpses were brought to a hospital in Ajdabiya but it remains unknown whether they came from Thursday's airstrike.
The report said the opposition—who took much of the eastern part of Libya—claim NATO has not helped them "gain decisive momentum" against Gaddafi who still controls most of the western part of the country.
It seems that the low-tech army forces of the Libyan leader can trick the highly-advanced war technology of the world coalition. Gaddafi's military use as shields mosques, parks, schools, World Heritage sites like Leptis Magna, in an earlier report.
Since the airstrikes led by Britain, France and the US began on 19 March, Gaddafi remains in power and has recently been seen playing chess while 856 people had been reported to have died as of 7 June due to the airstrikes according to the health ministry which NATO rejected.
Other instances when NATO mistakenly killed civilians were 7 April when they hit a convoy of rebel tanks that resulted in the deaths of five fighters. They did not know rebel had tanks. One week earlier, NATO forces erroneously killed 13 rebels in Brega.
Seeing that the NATO mandate is not successful in overthrowing the Libyan leader, Arab League Chief Amr Moussa said, "The situation has gone beyond what was expected. It is only natural that we speed up the search for a political solution and achieving a cease-fire."
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Details of this report here.

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