Tuesday, June 14, 2011

S. Korean university chief-politician found dead in an apparent suicide

Seoul, South Korea
A South Korean former university president and agriculture minister was found dead on Monday in what appeared to be a suicide after being investigated for a score of corruption and monetary allegations.
Police reports said Im Sang-Gyu, president of Suncheon National University and agriculture minister between 2007 and 2008, was found dead in his car near his residence in Suncheon, 415 kilometers (258 miles) south of Seoul, Yonhap News Agency said.
Burnt charcoal and a suicide note denying bribery charge that said, "The result of having wrong relationships is too horrible ... but there was no monetary transaction," were found inside his car.
A detective told AFP, "The cause of death seems to be carbon monoxide poisoning."
The note further said the 62-year-old high-ranking government official felt "so saddened and miserable" and "tired of being chased after."
Im was placed on travel ban on suspicion of receiving bribes worth 20 million won (US$18,527) from businessman Yoo Sang-bong, who was arrested for bribing construction firm officials and the police.
It was further reported that Im's brother, who is a contractor, received a total of 150 million won (US$138,952) from Yoo in 2005 and 2007.
The ex-minister was also questioned whether he withdrew a large amount of money from his bank account nine months before it matured in January, said My Sinchew.
The bank's chairman was his in-law, who was charged for financial misconduct that involved seven trillion won (US$6.48 million) together with other bank big wigs and major shareholders.
Wikipedia lists South Korea as the second country with the highest suicide rate with 31 people committing suicide per 100,000 persons per year.
Other countries include: Lithuania (31.5), Kazakhstan (26.9), Belarus (25.3), Japan (24.4), Russia (23.5), Guyana (22.9), Ukraine (22.6), Hungary (21.8) and Sri Lanka (21.6).
Details of this report here.

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