Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Twitter reports Chinese dissident to be released after 3 years in jail

Chinese authorities have turned down a request for medical parole for jailed activist Hu Jia
Although no reports yet on mainstream media, an influx of tweets on Tuesday said Chinese dissident Hu Jia will be released on 26 June after three years imprisonment in the People's Republic of China.
A message from Breaking News said, "Chinese dissident and AIDS activist Hu Jia to be released after 3 years in jail—reported widely on Twitter."
According to Daily Wired, the news of his release came from Jia's wife, Zeng Jinyan.
According to her Twitter message, "Thank Everybody wishes and concerns, Hu Jia release date is June 26, followed by a period of one year deprivation of political rights, we are once again under house arrest in preparation for the..." [感谢大伙儿的祝福和关注,胡佳释放日期是6月26日,随后有一年的剥夺政治权利期限,我们为被再次软禁做准备].
The 37-year-old AIDS advocate pleaded not guilty during his trial on March 2008. He was sentenced to 3.5-year jail term for "inciting subversion of state power" on 3 April 2008.
Jia was jailed for the comments he made during two interviews with the international Press and five articles that appeared on the Internet. The government said he was a subversive, according to UK's The Times.
Here are the messages on Twitter:
filo_aroffo Hu Jia, attivista cinese condannato a 3 anni e mezzo di carcere, sarà liberato il 26 giugno
AmnestyChina RT @isaac Chinese dissident & AIDS activist Hu Jia will be released 6/26 after 3 and half jail term via @zengjinyan (hu's wife)
@zengjinyan RT @aritzparra: La Mujer de Hu Jia, El activista encarcelado, Dice que sus tres años y medio de condena SE El próximo 26 de Junio ​​cumplen.
Let us see how this news will develop a few weeks from now.

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