Saturday, July 02, 2011

Somalia becomes the sixth country attacked by US drone planes

Following Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan and Yemen, Somalia became the sixth country to have been attacked by US drone fighter planes when it hit the southern coastal town of Kismayo on 23 June.
The strike that injured two fighters was conducted targeting two senior members of the anti-Somalia government group, al-Shabab, Al Jazeera said.
The al-Qaeda-linked armed Islamist group is fighting the internationally recognized but weak Transitional National Government
Run by the CIA or the American military, the controversial warplanes provide the US low-risk weapons to carry out its counter-terrorism activities because it does not carry any pilot and is controlled several thousands of kilometers away, according to The Guardian.
The drone strikes have received the ire of the local people due to civilian casualties where it happened.
The attached YouTube video shows what former CIA officer Jack Rice said, "The problem [with drone attacks] we have is we never know if we're actually creating more and more enemies than we're actually destroying."
The high-tech aerial vehicles, which are "warmly embraced" by Washington, has so far killed 2,500 people beginning in 2004 in Pakistan alone.

The United Nations expressed their concern last year over the "PlayStation combat" mentality.
Legal experts worry about the outcomes of unaccountability of such strikes while human rights proponents voice out who will be held responsible to the nonmilitary deaths.
Watch the interesting 8.46-minute YouTube video and learn more about the different issues (business, ethical, political and terrorism) behind it.
Details of this report here.

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