Saturday, July 02, 2011

Abuse of power?: A lady mayor knocks out a sheriff in southern Philippines

People look at bodies of flash floods victims in Davao city in southern Philippines
A fuming mayor punched a sheriff during a demolition operation in the shanties of Davao City in southern Philippines today.
City mayor Sara Duterte is seen in the attached YouTube video to have made hand gestures for Regional Trial Court Sheriff Abe Andres to approach her. Duterte collared Andres and punched him four times.
The crowd seemed to approve of the mayor's brawl by their applause.
A dzMM report said the sheriff will forgive and not file charges against the mayor who said she is willing to face the consequences of her actions.
The altercation was an instant hit, it is trending in Twitter.
On a personal note, while it may seem "heroic," I deem that the incident brought out the worst of the female public servant who should be seen to act diplomatically at all times. Questions were raised if she did it because she came from a powerful clan. The same also raises concern about the display of abuse of power regardless of what she is fighting for.
Here is what some Filipinos said about the punching lady mayor.
Hikabanana: "It only goes to show how Mayor Duterte loves her kababayans[fellowmen]."
TWISTEDnINSANE: "Mayor Duterte ROCKS!! astig! haha."
glenots: "I want Mayor Duterte to be my friend!"
FilipinoDadBlog: "Ang tapang lang ni Mayor Duterte. [Mayor Duterte is fearless.] It was uncalled for, though. Violence is never the answer."
markmalcampo: "64% of #TVPatrol respondents say na may katwiran si Mayor Duterte. [64% of TV Patrol respondents say Mayor Duterte is right.] I know what she did was wrong, but I wasn't surprised she did it."
birchtreehobo: "Human rights against Mayor Duterte? She was fighting for the human rights of those whose property were to be demolished."
Watch the attached YouTube video.

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