Wednesday, May 27, 2009

hello from manila 28

it is the second day of my insurance licensure training. i learned many new things that i ignored before. among them, i now realized that life insurance becomes all the more important once a person goes up the ladder of his economic productivity. in short, his value increases according to his personal income. that the amount of a person's life insurance today is cheaper than tomorrow's because of several risk factors, more importantly, a person's age. that explains why my insurance policy seven years ago was 50% cheaper than what i bought few days ago. ergo, it is cheaper to buy life insurance at a younger age.

further, life insurance ensures that once a person dies, his beneficiaries , most especially his loved ones, or personal estate, will be able to receive the face amount of his policy, for example one million pesos. i also learned that there are many kinds of insurances, those that earn interest just like ordinary investments like stocks, and those that do not. that if a person insured himself and even if he committed suicide, his beneficiaries may still claim provided that he successfully died from the third policy year onwards. there are many more things but i must admit that i have to study them further so that i could pass the licensure exam on friday.

like what i said in an earlier post, i am surprised that this RP vacation became a working holiday. i am more toxic today than my academia years. probably because i am in an unfamiliar territory or because of the decision to re-invent my future again, i am attracted or rather i attracted people who were not in my circle before. these are people in the biz world.

now, i see so many economic opportunities around despite the current crisis. i realized that there are many many more things that need to be done to make this world a better place to live. making huge profits are a natural outcome.


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