Wednesday, May 27, 2009

hello from manila 29

i finally closed the three-days course on life insurance. of course, in exploring a new discipline, the first thing that one should do is to learn the vocabulary. incidentally, i had been studying stocks, investments, corporate law, java, ajax, autobiographies, intellectual property rights, business structures, ad infinitum over the past few months. i hope that the knowledge gained will be useful. i feel saturated with rabies, which i studied for quite a number of years. i need to learn new, interesting, and exciting worlds.

tomorrow morning, i'll visit quezon province with my aunt for a business trip upon her invitation. perhaps mother goose will join us. i look forward to this local trip. the last time i had been to mom's province was in 1990.

sister sledge and i were refreshed during a two hours meeting with my college friend who walked us through his business experiences and adventures. we later dined in ulo ulo, one of my favorites.


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