Saturday, May 30, 2009

hello from manila 32

i started the day nice because sister sledge is now a certified insurance agent, she passed the exam. i did not take the same because i may ran out of time to pack my stuffs and make inventory of the things that i will bring back to japan. i hope that they will fit in my bag. together with sis, i was excited that she passed. she will now augment her income. we made few endorsements here and there.

i truly appreciate my friends who, despite their busy schedule, still managed to to find time to meet up with me. i also thank my friend from HS who let me use her condo unit. the advices of my friend from college, a businessman, my aunt and uncle, were all appreciated. i learned a lot from them.

all told, i learned many new things in this trip. and as always, i try to let these new things make me a better person.

i will go back to sapporo via hong kong tomorrow at 6 in the morning. will arrive in sapporo in the afternoon of the same day.


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