Friday, May 29, 2009

hello from manila 31

my four weeks' trip was diferent from the other travels that i did in the past. most of the time, my travels were for academic purposes, and the last time i visited RP was mostly seeing luzon, visayas, and mindanao.

this time, it is different. it was more of an adventure into an unknown path. now, i have to face a world quite different from the more familiar hospital and hard core medical research settings. this is a world where even undergraduates could out-do doctorates. this is a world where everybody becomes equal. this is the world of entrepreneurship.

i do not know if i made the right decision to embrace a new way of thinking and lifestyle. time will tell for sure. all i know is that there is a scarcity of meaningful jobs and i got tired of working for a boss. i got tired of the system where i work for the establishment. i want to be my own brand. just like when we say google or coca cola or nike, they are their own labels. why look for jobs when there is nothing to find? why not create them instead?

this trip to my country and thailand had opened new doors to me. i met important people who are helping me create the future i want for myself. they will surely influence the way i think and therefore my future actions. and i treasure the knowledge that they shared to me. we can be the richest person in the poorest country, or the poorest person in the richest country depending on how we create ourselves. of course, we have to pay the price on the path to richness. if one dreams of becoming rich, he has to act on it to make it a reality. in this current bearish market, one can be the new rich or the new poor. it depends which choice we make.

the road that i am taking now is not easy. i have to feel the way through it. many a time, i meet people who are skeptical with how i think. i not only receive many criticisms, i sometimes receive ridicule. i only smile at them. i value criticisms from people i try to emulate. other than that, i only smile at them. in short, i carefully choose the person i seek advice from.

i feel also that i have missions to do. mind-cleaning among my fellowmen is the most important in the list, for it is the mind that moulds a person and a country's destiny. i may not tire on it. some people may just live it that way. but being indifferent is worse than doing bad. i feel sorry for them.

one most important thing that i discovered is that i have some people who want to join me in my journey. the younger sister sledge is excited in our journey to the unknown. although we do not know which way to go yet, we know what we want. we both envisioned what will become of us later on. and that keeps the journey worth the wait.


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