Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Road Less Traveled 3

The Legal Advice

Early in the morning, I could not explain the throbbing headache that I had. Though it was not severe to make me lie in bed, it was enough to make me take a tablet of Paracetamol. I felt it while I wrote this morning's blog entry. Later I realized, the headache could be explained by the dialog that I had with the lawyer I consulted for my book: the butterflies about the consequences of the nature of its contents, and legal fees.

The reason why I have to seek a lawyer's advice is that I want to be equipped with the knowledge of taking the plunge in the publication of my work. Never did I realize in my lifetime that I will need one.

I was relieved to know that the lawyer's fee became free. Needless to say, I shall give something in return, probably a small token. I don't want to take advantage of his precious time.

I was more relieved to know that the lawyer found nothing that the Establishment can sue me for. In fact, according to the Japanese Penal Code, I am protected by the right of expression in the name of public interest. And even if someone will sue me, the lawyer advised that I have a big chance of winning. I hope that my life story will not go to that extent.

Whatever issues I am talking about will be found in the book. Whatever it contains, I assure the readers will be worth every cent that they will pay for.

This is the first time that the lawyer knew in detail how an irregularity in the system worked, a frequently evaded issue in the Japanese society. I also made the impression to the lawyer the rarity of a foreign student being offered a prestigious assistant professor item in Japan, and who in turn did not accept the offer because of his discovery of a can of worms. Yes, that's me.

Even though I am a lay person and barely have any background on legal issues, when the conscience dictates to pursue the mission of the people's right to know, disclosure of such sensitive information should become superior.

And now, on with the show.

Affiant furtherth sayeth naught.

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