Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Road Less Traveled 2

I received a surprise phone call from one of my book reviewers. Initially skeptical about the worth of the book and my intentions, he opened up with his congratulatory remarks. Of course, I was happy.

He contradicted his earlier impressions and changed his views about the book. During the 19-minutes conversation, he told me that he read it from beginning till end, which took him two days to finish, as I advised. It was written in such a way that the momentum began low, only to upswing near the end. He also noted that there were no exaggerations. Only the reality was written.

I had many goose bumps moments hearing the praises of this well-respected and well-known friend who has lived in Sapporo a bit less than my age. He realized that there were many reasons why the book needs to be published, why people have to read it, and what people can learn from it. He also realized how little he knew living in Japan.

I was speechless during the conversation. I felt strengthened that little by little, I was able to convince people that I have a story to tell, and that the world should know and learn about it regardless of whom I may hurt along the way. The higher mission should uphold.

Anyway, even if everybody will disagree that I have it published, I will push through with it. That is one disadvantage of democracy. The right becomes worthless when the ignorant prevails.

As I have said in an earlier post, I am still looking for lawyers who could review my book. We could negotiate their fees. The law firm that I talked with in RP has prohibitive fees. As a physician, most of the time, I give my services for free. Is it possible among legal people?

Next challenge is how to get it published without shelling out from my pocket. Is it possible these days?

Hopefully, I can receive the reviews from some more friends for me to get going. Right now, I am doing further trimmings with the draft. Any suggestions and help will be highly appreciated.

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  1. Hello Gino,

    If you need a lawyer, try to contact my sister. She is a practicing attorney in the philippines and patency is her specialty. Maybe she can help you with your problem. Let me know if you want to contact her.

    Can you provide me a copy of your book?


  2. thanks lourdes. i really need it. i sent you a private mail earlier. kindly check.