Saturday, August 15, 2009

Thinking Out of the Box 4

Yellow Fever


People Power came back to life. Yellow is in vogue again. Thanks to Madam Cory. She once more ignited what has long been dormant among the Filipinos. The torch of nationalism is flaming again. Or is it?

I think it is Alzheimer's Disease that most Filipinos have. After the EDSA Revolution that threw away a regime, had we learned from the lessons of the past? Had the country really moved forward?

And I am not saying the public officials alone. What I am trying to elicit is the Filipino psyche. Had we become more patriotic since Ninoy and Cory? Had we become politically-mature? Had we pointed to ourselves rather than our neighbors? Had we blamed ourselves first before the others?

Not long after the Bloodless Revolution, how many had really commemorated the People Power? Was there a huge crowd last February? Is People Power being taught in all schools in the country in its true essence?

It is pretty obvious that Pres. Aquino's passing will be leveraged by those seeking power in the coming elections. Sad. But that is our kind of politics. Public officials are recognized based on affiliation and not on merit.

Try to read this entry again three years from now and see if the radiance of Cory remains. Your guess is as good as mine. Thank heavens I did not dream of politics. I would rather choose Dengue Fever or H1N1 Fever.


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