Friday, August 21, 2009

Thinking Out of the Box 5


Today the Filipinos commemorate the 26th death anniversary of former Senator Benigno Aquino, Jr. Since then, the yellow ribbon has become a symbol of freedom-seeking Filipinos. Three years later, his wife took the mission of freeing her country from an oppressive rule.

Today the Filipinos see, hear, and read everywhere the politicians' plea to wear yellow. They are visible on the boob tube, radios, newspapers, TV ads (imagine?), and the Internet. They capitalize the heat of the moment, Ninoy's and Tita Cory's death. To me, this is a form of hepatitis, more virulent and fatal than the true disease, because it aims to faรงade the true objectives: popularity and name recall in the forthcoming elections.

Today I note who these politicos are. I shall write them in a piece of paper. I have had enough of them. They are the true inflammatory diseases of the society that have found no cure. If I vote for them again, the same performance will result. Therefore, I will not vote for them. They deserve to retire today.

Today I call on every hepatic politicos, and you know who you are, give your country a break. Set it free if you sincerely flagellate and believe the yellow alert. Show your concrete plans to make the country a better place to live, your solutions to the mounting challenges particulary job creation, go on a live political debate, and abandon selfish motives of pretensions. If you do all of these, maybe you could win my vote.


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