Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The 2009 Legatum Prosperity Index Report

The report below ranks 104 countries based on economic fundamentals, entrepreneurship and innovation, democratic institutions, education, health, safety and security, governance, personal freedom, and social capital.

The top 10 countries are Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, United States, and New Zealand.

Japan is 16th, Malaysia is 39th, Thailand is 44th, Philippines is 55th, Sri Lanka is 58th, Indonesia is 61st, Cambodia 93rd, and Zimbabwe is 104th.

Based on this ranking, what do the Filipinos, particularly its leaders, have to say, do and not do?

The 2009 Legatum Prosperity Index
Want prosperity? Index ranks Finland as place to be
2009 Legatum Prosperity Index Report

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