Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Thinking Out of the Box 22

NDCC Figures: Fact or Fiction? 2

Important: Before reading further, I advise the public to read the prequel to this entry first.

It has been quite a few days since I started calling the attention of authorities with regard to the accuracy of reports of the National Disaster Coordinating Council, which serves as the President's adviser on disaster preparedness programs, operations, rehabilitation, and the top coordinator of all disaster management in the Philippines.

According to the NDCC website, the total number of deaths due to typhoon Ondoy (International code name Ketsana) decreased from 293 to 288. The injuries remained stable at five throughout. Please see the data below and the earlier article. However, an unofficial tally from one major newspaper dated 29 Sept 2009, said that deaths may well be more than 300. The highest NDCC tally was 295 deaths as of 5 Oct. Who is telling the truth?

How many lives had really been lost? How many were really injured and missing? The news, photos, and videos that flood the cyberspace show the havoc that the typhoon brought, and do not agree with the NDCC report.

If we were to believe the data, does it justify the declaration of state of calamity? Why ask for medicines for five injured persons only? How do they define injury? What is the explanation for the decrease in the accumulated fatalities?

As the highest authoritative body in times like these, the public need to be informed of reliable and accurate data. This is equally important for donors to know. Many people have done their part in helping the victims. The donors are watching the authorities what they will do in their end.

If the NDCC believes its data, please let the public know. However, if corrections are necessary, when will the mistakes be corrected? Long after the heightened awareness is gone?

Please consider this as another call to the NDCC.

National Disaster Coordinating Council Updates on Humanitarian Coordination on Tropical Storm ONDOY

2 Oct 2009, 4:00
Situational Report 18
Dead-293; Injured-5; Missing-42

2 Oct 2009, 15:00
Situational Report 19
Dead-288; Injured-5; Missing-42

3 Oct 2009, 15:00
Situational Report 20
Dead-288; Injured-5; Missing-42

4 Oct 2009, 23:00
Situational Report 21
Dead-288; Injured-5; Missing-42

5 Oct 2009, 16:00
Situational Report 22
Dead-295; Injured-5; Missing-39

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