Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Taiyaki: A delightful Japanese snack

My mouth suddenly watered when I saw one of my favorite Japanese snacks. Taiyaki is beans paste wrapped in beautifully-decorated fish designs. The beans paste known as anko is a bit sweet. It is best to eat taiyaki with ice cream. How I wish I could eat it right now.

'Taiyaki' takes trendy taste twists beyond traditional beans
Kyodo News, 31 Mar 2010

The traditional snack "taiyaki," a fish-shaped pancake with sweet red-bean filling, now comes in a wide variety of flavors, even European-inspired and in bite-size combos.
News photo
Scale up: "Taiyaki" fish-shaped pancakes from bakery chain Shiroya come in a variety of colors, while the bite-size taiyaki from the tai putit chain contain eight different fillings, including custard, chocolate and cheesecake flavor. KYODO PHOTO
The Taiyaki, a shop in Tokyo's trend-setting Shibuya district, offers the Italian for ¥240 per piece with cheese and sausage inside a thin crisp skin as well as a German-inspired version containing potatoes and bacon. A French one is cooked using pie crust.
Bakery chain Shiroya in Tokyo's Shimokitazawa district sells a colorful lineup made using tapioca powder batter. It recommends a ¥140 item served with soy sauce or sugar syrup and has no filling at all.
An outlet of the tai putit chain, operated by JR East Retail Net Co., offers a ¥525 combo of 16 mini taiyaki, each around 4 cm long, with eight types of fillings, including custard, chocolate and cheesecake flavor.
"I think kids are going to like it," said a man who bought a packet in assorted flavors.

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  1. Wow ang cute naman! ang ganda ng pagkakagawa at tiyak kids will love it!! very creative ah!! mukha pang masarap.

  2. @Darklady: Thanks for the nice comment. Taiyaki is really delicious and attractive, too. Burp!