Wednesday, April 07, 2010

It's not Harakiri

It's kodokushi, the solitary death where one dies completely alone without being taken care of or accompanied by anybody. One's body is found several days or months later. There are also deaths in front of the computer in Japan. I have heard of a similar story in Tokyo few years ago. An elderly man was found dead in his home during the summer (August-September). Bundled up in thick blanket and futon, his calendar was still in the peak of winter (February) of the same year.

In some cases, while not directly related to kodokushi, some desperate people simply jump on an incoming train to end their miseries. Such bizarre ways to kill oneself is being noticed more frequently these days than ever. The story below gives more details to this sad and unusual Japanese idiosyncrasy.

Japan's 'Lonely Deaths': A Business Opportunity



  1. I just saw a TV Special on NHK last night talking about the same thing (almost). But they used the term "muenshi" (無縁死) instead of kodokushi ("kodoku" is solitary, while "muen" is like, neglected or detached). Sabishii desune?

  2. @Anton: It is interesting to note this, no? But I agree with you, sabishii ne.