Saturday, August 28, 2010

Summer in Hokkaidō, Japan

Summer in Hokkaidō is short and comfortable. Coming from a tropical country, I find the summer in Hokkaidō a good break from the long and cold months. That is not to say that I don't like the winter. In fact, I love it. Here is what some Japanese in Sapporo said how they spent the hot summer.

Sapporo: What was your summer highlight?


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Michiko Anzawa
Housewife, 57
I live near Odori Park, so I went for walks around here quite often. It's a big park and it's much less crowded than the rest of the city. I like the roses in the 12-chome area of the park, and the cherry blossoms in spring are amazing.

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Shinya Sagai
Event coordinator, 32
The best thing for me this summer was the Rising Sun Rock Festival. Tatsuro Yamashita's live show was absolutely amazing! It brought a tear to my eye. The festival really feels like a matsuri — loads of people and a great atmosphere.

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Osae Kashiwa
Student, 16
We had a sleepover at my friend's house. We stayed up all night watching DVDs, let off some fireworks, and just generally did things that we can't do every day. Spending time with your friends is great!

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Daisuke Yoshikawa
Salaryman, 29
I loved the beer gardens that were open for several weeks — especially because of the beer, which was served in "towers." I got pretty wasted. I went a few times with my girlfriend, and there were always a lot of people.

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Kanai Takahashi
Bar staff, 31
I only just moved to Sapporo from Hiroshima. Sapporo's a big city, and I walked all around it and got my bearings. There's a lot of fun stuff to do in Sapporo, so I'm thrilled to be here.

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Mr. Ishikawa
Lecturer, 60
I didn't get up to much in Sapporo, but because we have a long summer holiday at the university, I went to visit my son in Kitahiroshima (in Ishikari, Hokkaido) for about a week. I don't get out of Sapporo often, so it was refreshing.

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