Friday, October 01, 2010

The malicious side of science

This news shocked the world of research.

Due to the pressure of competition within the laboratory, securing research funding, and the quest for fame, a former researcher had deliberately sabotaged the work of a colleague in a small research laboratory by corrupting her experiments and poisoning her cell-culture media.

A court in Michigan sentenced Vipul Bhrigu, a former postdoctoral researcher, in July to six months probation, and more than US$9,500 in damages after he pleaded guilty of misdemeanor.

Caught on monitoring cameras installed in the lab, Bhrigu admitted that he tampered with the experiments of graduate student Heather Ames.

Bhrigu who is now is living in India, told Nature: "It was a complete lack of moral judgment."

"I just got jealous of others moving ahead and I wanted to slow them down," he added.

Details of this story can be found in Nature:

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