Friday, October 01, 2010

The RP-Japan Youth Exchange Program

It has always been that the Philippines is sending students to Japan to study and learn Japanese culture.

In reverse, the Philippines and Japan have created student exchange program where students from the two countries visit the other to enhance the level of understanding and camaraderie.

At least 26 junior high school students ages 14 to 15 and three teachers from Aichi Prefecture visited the Philippines as part of the Youth Exchange Program.

The Japanese delegation visited the Philippines between 13 and 22 September. The students attended classes in selected local high schools, made study tours in the capital Manila, Batangas, and Corregidor Island.

The students experienced living with Filipino families through homestay program.

Despite the language barrier, the Japanese students related well with the Filipinos and truly appreciated the wonderful interactions.

They said that one of their memorable experiences was riding the jeepney and three-wheeled vehicles as these do not exist in Japan.

Bilateral activities like this will deepen the relationship between the Philippines and Japan. Read more below.

Japanese HS students in RP on exchange program

MANILA, Philippines—Twenty-six junior high school students ages 14 to 15 years old and three teachers from Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture in Japan are in the country as part of the Youth Exchange Program between the two countries, the Japanese embassy here said in a news release.

The delegation which arrived on September 13 was briefed by Director Tomoko Dodo of the Japan Information and Culture Center on the Philippines-Japan relations in various fields. She also shared some of her experiences living in the Philippines and gave them information on Philippine society and politics.

From September 13 to 22, the delegation attended classes in local high schools such as Philippine Science High School (Quezon City), Claret High School (Quezon City), Emilio Aguinaldo International School (Manila), Emilio Aguinaldo College (Cavite-High School Department), and Our Lady of Pilar Montessori (Las Pinas).

They also made a study tour in Manila City, Anilao in Batangas and Corregidor. Another highlight was the homestay program with Filipino families which made it possible for the Japanese students to experience Filipino way of life and family values.

During the farewell dinner hosted by Philippine Federation of Japan Alumni (Philfeja), the students expressed their gratitude and shared some of their memorable experiences in the Philippines.

The students told the audience that despite some difficulties related to the language barrier, they managed to communicate with Filipino people and truly appreciated the wonderful interactions. They also said the most interesting experience they had in the Philippines was riding the jeepney and tricycle as these do not exist in Japan. One student went on to express her wishes to return to the Philippines as a flight attendant.

Philfeja president Jose Luis Reyes shared with the participants and others involved that everybody was pleased with the fruitful outcome of the program. He expressed his intention to continue supporting the exchange program in the years to come, as this kind of exchange program deepens mutual understanding and camaraderie between Japan and the Philippines.

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