Sunday, November 21, 2010

10 Most Dangerous Facebook Pages

Do you like playing games and joining unconfirmed pages on Facebook? Before you click that Like button, read what SafeToBe.Me has to say.
This Facebook page scanned FB pages, status updates, comments and posts. It developed a tool to protect FB users from those things that destroys your Facebook account.
This site ranked several FB pages according to the most dangerous (a post or comment contains a link leading to spamware, phishing, or other malware) and the spammiest (something that increases the risk of getting spam postings on your wall or status update).
However high-sounding they mean, it means that it's bad for Facebook users. So here are the list of pages that FB users should avoid.
Most dangerous
1. Justin Bieber (Threat count-670)
2. Texas Hold'em Poker (239)
3. Social City (228)
4. YoVille (210)
5. FarmVille (187)
6. FarmVille Cows (157)
7. Cafe World (136)
8. Restaurant City (112)
9. FarmVille Sheep (100)
1. FarmVille (Spam count-14,892)
2. Wiz Khalifa (14,773)
3. FrontierVille (11,554)
4. Michael Jackson (9,005)
5. FarmVille Cows ((6,166)
6. KpTug mu xDe..! (5,967)
7. FarmVille Sheep (5,338)
8. FC Barcelona (5,309)
9. Amr Khaled (526)
10. T.I.
If you are fond of using any of these do you have adequate spam protection? Click here for more details.

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