Friday, November 12, 2010

Are there too many holidays in the Philippines?

A government official said that there is a growing concern among businessmen concerning the proliferation of holidays in the country.
In contrast to the previous government administration where "holiday economics" was consistently practiced--a holiday being moved to the nearest Monday that results to a long weekend--the current 4-month-old administration has developed the inconsistent habit of declaring long weekends on the same month or close to the date.
As such business people found it difficult to plan ahead if done hastily. The practice may also cause needless public confusion.
In 2010, there are 19 official holidays in the Philippines.
Add to that, the country has had election days which were declared holidays, too.
With almost half of the year being the storm season, it cannot be avoided that there are many areas which experienced the bad effects of the weather that may have negatively affected some businesses.
The accumulated number of non-working days mean lost opportunities for revenues. The MalacaƱang need to address the issue decisively.

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