Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dead man charged with lawsuit

It sounds strange but it happened.
Manila bus hostage-taker former Senior Inspector Rolando Mendoza, a dead man, was charged with serious illegal detention by the Manila Police District (MPD), says dzMM.
Mendoza held hostage a bus full of tourists from Hong Kong and caused the death of eight on 23 August.
A surprised Public Attorney's Office Chief Percida Acosta questioned the wisdom behind the charge saying that it was unnecessary because the former cop is already dead.
MPD Legal Officer Atty. Dennis Wagas reasoned out that it was necessary to file charges against the dead hostage-taker to establish the conspiracy with his brother Senior Police Officer 2 Grogorio Mendoza who will face the same charges.
The bloody Manila bus hijacking incident strained the relationship between Hong Kong and the Philippines. The Philippine tourism industry suffered a big loss.
There was obvious public disappointment when the MalacaƱang lightened the charges of Manila officials.

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