Thursday, November 18, 2010

The tourism slogan war

It's a battle of words for the Philippine tourism industry these days.
The Department of Tourism says goodbye to the slogan "WOW Philippines" and changed it to "Pilipinas Kay Ganda" (How beautiful the Philippines is).
Hurt, the tourism department received a lot of criticisms about the change.
Critics questioned the rationale behind the change and whether using the local language will attract tourists.
"WOW Philippines" has been used in the past years and was an effective promotional phrase because it is short, easy to remember and can easily be understood by foreigners.
Conceptualized by then tourism chief and now Senator Richard Gordon, the word "WOW" means "Wealth of Wonders" among others.
In my opinion, slogans are merely a gift wrap. The more essential thing is what is inside it.
Robbery, cheating, bad infrastructure and things of similar nature will make tourists choose another destination.
There are plenty of more important things to be concerned and repaired in the Philippines before slogans.
If these were improved, any slogan in any Philippine language may suffice.

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