Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pope's nod with condoms does not change CBCP stand on contraception

A hotly debated issue in the Philippines is the use of condoms as artificial contraceptive.
Secretary General Juanito Figura of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippinessaid Monday that the statement of Pope Benedict XVI on condom use does not change the Church's stand against artificial contraception.
It was added that until the bishops have read the Pope's book, they could not make a definite position on the issue.
Likewise, pro-life advocate Senator Francisco Tatad told supporters of the reproductive health (RH) bill on Monday that they should not consider the Holy Father's teaching as an official pronouncement of the Vatican. It does not support the fight for the RH bill.
Tatad adds that the Pontiff said condom use was specific to fighting against the spread of HIV for male prostitutes and homosexuals where procreation does not take place.
In 2000, Catholics constitute 92.5 percent of the general population of the Philippines.

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