Friday, November 19, 2010

Senator proposes new highway, train to ease traffic

MANILA, Philippines--To ease the burden of traffic in Metro Manila, Senator Ralph Recto proposed on Thursday the construction of another EDSA or C6 that will connect the North and South Luzon Expressways.
Another suggestion he made was the creation of more Metro Rail Transit coaches to be finished within a year.
This came to light due to the transport strike that occurred this week that created havoc for motorists.
The senator said that the government should consider his proposals so that the people will see that there is hope and that the economic recovery will soon become a reality.
Besides the fact that a senator's job is law creation, I think the honorable senator is forgetting many things.
The existing highways, flyovers and trains were created a few years ago to curb the traffic problem, which obviously were failures.
The creation of highways and other road infrastructures are a sure way for influential people to pocket public funds.
How about strict behavior modification such as the removing old vehicles on the road and following the number coding scheme, or other measures that will make more disciplined motorists and pedestrians?
The reason why Metro Manila still have huge traffic problem is the lameness of following the traffic rules. Many corrupt officials are out there on the streets who can be bribed by violators.
If the senator's suggestions were to be implemented without due behavioral change, then we are again putting the dirt under the rug.

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