Friday, November 19, 2010

After slogan, here comes logo fiasco

It's not only the slogan that the Department of Tourism received a bashing today.
A blog site called Manila Boy by Spanky Enriquez, found a huge similarity in the logos of Poland's "Polska" and the Philippines' "Pilipinas Kay Ganda" [Philippines So Beautiful].
When the two logos were put side by side, many things look the same such as the font, the tree, and the sea. Do you think they look the same? Click here.
Poland's logo can be seen in their travel Website as part of tourism campaign.
The owner of the Manila Boy blog site apologized for what seems to be a copyright infringement against Poland. It was also suggested from the site that the responsible person be fired.
The fiasco has added fuel to the angry public via Twitter, Facebook, and radio.
Going back to the slogan outrage, here are some of the public's suggestions that the author heard over the radio and lifted from dzMM Facebook fan page. Be cautioned that some of the slogans were suggested for fun by netizens, which Filipinos are fond of.
Philippines, Your Best Friend in Asia
Wow Kay Ganda Philippines [Wow Very Beautiful Philippines]
Wonderful Philippines
Shining Philippines
PH Cares [PH is the abbreviation of Philippines]
Land of Smiles Philippines
Mabuhay Philippines
Enchanting Philippines
Philippines, Paradise of Asia
Philippines, You're Safe Here
Good Luck Philippines
Bongga Philippines [Show Off Philippines]
Blow By Blow Philippines
OMG Philippines
LOL Philippines


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