Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What's wrong with Filipinos' English accent?

This interesting YouTube video says that Filipinos have their own English accent that we should be proud of.
I agree. As Filipinos, we should not be ashamed of having our own distinct tongue speaking a foreign language. In fact, we should be proud of it.
It cannot be denied that as a second language, we cannot avoid showing being Filipino when we speak the language. But many Filipinos want to imitate the accent and diction of native speakers of English. What for?
I have so much reservations to such a practice. There are some people that extend their newly learned accent in to writing. They write "ya'll" instead of "you all" and "ain't" which is a contraction of "am not", "are not", "is not", "have not", has not", etc.
These contractions are not in everyday Filipino-English. So why use them?
There was one time that somebody told me not to use "ain't", which I do not use at all. I use the standard Filipino-English both in speaking and writing. Only to find out that that person is the one doing the same. How strange!
There are times that Filipinos have to bend some rules like when I was talking to an Englishman several years ago. We could not understand each other the word "Tudor" until I had to write the word he was talking about.
Above all, as long as the message is clearly conveyed, it is okay. English spoken in the Philippines is correct in this country, as well as English in other countries.
I find it funny when a fellow Filipino talks/writes to me with borrowed accent.


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