Thursday, November 11, 2010

World's highest paid public speakers

MANILA, Philippines--Today, former US President Bill Clinton is in the Philippines to talk about "embracing our common humanity" with particular focus on anti-poverty programs of the Philippine government.
A radio report said that similar to former US Vice President Al Gore--who incidentally had a funny incident happening recently to him in Sweden--Clinton's professional fee for giving a talk amounts to PhP25,000 (US$576) per person or more than double the minimum wage.
Whereas it is difficult to say how much these accomplished speakers earn with a few hours' work because they won't openly discuss it, managed to pull together their speaking fees.
Here it goes, the ten highest paid public speakers with their speaking fees in US$:
1. Donald Trump $1-1.5 million
The billionaire real estate magnate cum TV celebrity was paid by a real estate company $1.5 million per speech for a 17-seminar conference in 2006 and 2007.
2. Ronald Reagan $1 million
The 40th US President was invited by a Japanese communications company to share his business and presidential experiences in 1989. He was paid a total of $2 million for his two speeches.
3. Tony Blair $616,00
The former UK prime minister is probably the world's best paid speaker. He was paid over $10,000 a minute for a two 30-minute speeches for a whooping total of $616,000 that happened in cash-strapped Philippines in 2009. Thanks to his long experience in public office, he can give good analysis and valuable insights.
4. Bill Clinton $150,000-450,000
Speaking a wide variety of issues like business and environment, or promoting causes for HIV/AIDS, economic empowerment and leadership, it is not unusual for the former president to net over $150,000 for a speech. He cut back his speaking engagements recently to support his wife as Secretary of State.
5. Rudy Guiliani $270,000
The former NYC mayor's most expensive talk netted him $217,000 for a private equity firm.
6. Alan Greenspan $250,000
The former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank spoke at a Lehman Brothers dinner earned for him $250,000, a week after his retirement. His successor Ben Bernacke was reported to have made only $191,000 in his first year on the job .
7. Lance Armstrong $100,000
The man is in demand regardless of the fees he commands. He asked for $750,000 fee for a series of overseas speeches in 2009.
8. Al Gore $100,000-150,000
Making a name for himself in climate change and as an environmental activist, Gore routinely charges $100,000. Feedback during his Manila lecture was that there was nothing new in his speech.
9. Richard Branson $100,000 and over
Known for his record and airlines companies, Branson asks for a minimum of $100,000. Rumor has it that some companies paid well above that price.
10. Sarah Palin $100,000
Other than her six-figure speaking fee, the former Alaska governor has earned $12 million in book royalties.
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