Monday, December 06, 2010

Another Facebook facelift starts today

Hold your breath Facebook users. Starting today, the most popular social networking site will introduce another set of "improvements" to enhance your Facebook experience. All users of Facebook will be upgraded by early 2011.
As explained in its blog post on Monday, the new make up aims to make it easier to quickly see the most important information about a person from their profile. This will make the entire profile a more compelling visual experience. This also means the section will rely heavily on photos and images than ever before.
Basic information such as your job (if you have), school (if you have), location, and hometown, and your birthdate as well as your recently tagged photos will be seen at the upper part of the page.
In the new Facebook profile, you will have the ability to highlight friends who you think are important. You can also create new groups of friends.
New ways of sharing your interests and activities can also be done from next year such as the list of projects you did in your job (if you have, again), classes you took in school (if you attended), favorite sports and music.
You can also share your life's philosophy connecting them to your religion, political affiliations, and people you admire.
All of these changes will be represented through pictures that makes the entire profile truly a visual experience.
Sorry for those who like to read like me. The new changes may not cater to us.
To upgrade and see the new Facebook facelift, click here.
To read further, click here.

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