Thursday, December 09, 2010

Filipino Facebookers more interested in cartoons than child abuse campaign?

Facebook users around the world enjoyed the campaign strategy against child abuse and violence using cartoon characters last week.
An analysis was done using popular online searches showed an interest about the subject matter in some countries--but not in the Philippines.
Google Insights said the search term "child violence" generated interest only in the US, while "child abuse" found an increase only in the US, Canada and the UK.
On the other hand, the Philippines led all other countries in the use of search term "cartoon profile" instead of terms that directly pertain to child violence and child abuse. Following the Philippines were the US, Ireland, UK, Canada and Australia.
Despite leading all the other countries in adopting the Facebook cartoon meme, there was actually a decrease in "child abuse" searches in the Philippines.
In the US, the cartoon bandwagon led to a surprisingly actual increase in traffic and donations to children's charities, advocacy groups said.
In the Philippines, the anime campaign may have aided to popularize the rally for kids' cause, but it was not clear if the campaign was successful.
The UNICEF said that it was too early to see the effect of the rally in the Philippines. They did not see a noticeable increase in traffic of inquiries on child violence among Filipinos.
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