Thursday, December 09, 2010

Leaked info: The reason why the Philippines boycotted the Nobel rites

As I have reported two days ago, the Philippines together with China and 17 other countries, boycotted the Nobel Prize Ceremony.
This was confirmed by the Department of Foreign Affairs but did not give the reason for doing so.
Leaked information from a Filipino senior diplomat who requested anonymity, said that the reason behind the Philippine government's decision to bow to Chinese pressure was that it did not want to further strain China-Philippine relations after the Manila tourist bus crisis that ended up with eight casualties in August of this year.
An advocacy group called the Center for International Law (CenterLaw) urged the government on Wednesday not to withdraw its participation to the Nobel Peace Prize ceremonies.
The Philippines' failure to participate in the event "is a blow to the cause of free expression."
China led the Nobel boycott after the committee awarded pro-democracy fighter Liu Xiabo the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize.
Xiabo is serving 11 years' imprisonment in China for campaigning for reforms and an end to the one-party rule in his country.
CenterLaw chair Prof. Harry Roque said that more than ever, the Philippines is called to uphold free expression as a cornerstone of democracy.
Roque added that the last thing the country should be known for is a supporter to the repressive policies of the Chinese government.

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