Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Manila receives 8 mobile clinics from Beijing

The Chinese government is happy to donate eight high- tech mobile clinics to the Philippine government in its effort to help the country to deal with problems of accessibility to health care in the remote areas.
With a total value of PhP85 million (US$2 million), the mobile clinics will be deployed to various health institutions in Cabanatuan City, Davao City, and Metro Manila to improve the health conditions and provide first-aid to the people in hard-to-reach areas. It is estimated that around 200 patients will benefit from each mobile clinic a day.
In the hand-over ceremony on Monday, Chinese ambassador to the Philippines, Liu Jianchao, congratulated the government for its tremendous efforts in improving the medical care for the people in reaching the millennium goal.
The initial donation is part of the PhP100 million (US$2.3 million) grant offered by China to the Philippines to implement the economic and trade agreement between the two countries that was signed on 15 January 2007.
In turn, Philippine Secretary of Health Enrique Ona expressed his gratitude to China for the generous donation. He also cited the cordial relationship between the two countries.
Each mobile clinic is equipped with ECG machine, ultrasound, urine and blood analyzers, roentgen machine, blood chemistry analyzer, and others, capable of providing fast results.
The clinics also have refrigerators to store medicines and UV sterilizers to ensure that instruments are sterile.
On top of that, the clinics are capable of dealing with cardiac emergencies through its defibrillator machines and medical oxygen concentrator.

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