Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Two babies delivered via Facebook

We have become very updated with the rest of the world. Thanks to the Internet, especially to Facebook, we get to know what's going on around us--good or bad.
We have heard of a baby who died due to the neglect of his parents who carefully reared a virtual baby. There were also cases of people committing suicide witnessed by so many people over the Net.
Yesterday, a broken-hearted-22-year-old man from Malaysia used Facebook to tell his sister that he will jump off from the 14th floor after a 45-minute countdown.
Stories like these never stop, and it seems that we will see more of them as we embrace the Information Age.
TIME Magazine tells a story of an Oklahoman mom who described herself as a "sucker for technology." Marcy Woodson told the blow-by-blow accounts of her labor contractions to her Facebook friends using her iPad!
Woodson didn't make it to the hospital because of Facebooking. The tech sucker mom was successfully delivered of a 6-pound baby by the paramedics.
At the ambulance, Woodson was telling her unusual experience to the world through Facebook. She and her baby's ordeal ended up happily.
But not quite for Shana Greatman, a 35-year-old consultant who had the habit of posting every detail of her life on the most popular social networking site.
From the day she conceived until the delivery of her first baby was witnessed by her friends through Facebook.
The Washington Post details her story from pregnancy, prenatal checks, delivery, and subsequent demise due to cardiac failure.
What is most impressive is that though Greatman was suffering from congestive heart failure (heart cannot pump effectively), she was still sending Facebook status updates through her iPhone! Her friends knew what happened to her everyday until the day she died.
What other stories will surprise us tomorrow? We'll have to wait and see.
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