Saturday, January 08, 2011

Chinese President's state visit to the US is set on 18-21 Jan

Reuters reported that China's President Hu Jintao will visit the United States from 18 to 21 January as confirmed by the Foreign Ministry of China on Friday.
The announcement came after the American ambassador for North Korea policy Stephen Bosworth concluded his two-day meeting in China.
The US capital pressured Beijing to persuade its ally Pyongyang to resume nuclear disarmament and improve relations with Seoul.
No detailed agenda were given in China's foreign ministry homepage but the state visit will more likely discuss issues on the Korean peninsula, currency, and improve the trade gap between the two super powers.
The 68-year-old Chinese leader assumed the presidency in 2002.
According to Wikipedia, Hu has a reserved and low-key style of presidency. He transitioned China from the old and "hard core" communists to younger, more realistic technocrats.
His rise to power restored some controls on China's economy relaxed by the earlier administration. He is also known to be highly conservative to political reforms.
During his presidency, China's worldwide influence increased particularly in Africa, Latin America and other developing countries.
China's population is the largest in the world at 1.34 billion. Total GDP estimates is at US$10.084 trillion (2010), the world's second largest after the US (US$14.624 trillion).
Her GDP per capita is the 93rd largest at US$7,518 (2010).
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