Saturday, January 08, 2011

Gbagbo desperately holds on to power in Côte d'Ivoire

Defeated President Laurent Gbagbo still clings to power in Ivory Coast despite internal and external pressures.
His assets had been blocked and US citizens had been advised not to do business with the defiant leader.
The international community recognized and accepted the victory of Alassane Ouattara on the 28 November polls who promised amnesty to Gbagbo if he steps down quickly from office.
Incidentally, the defeated leader was reported to be expelling the ambassadors of Canada and Great Britain from the country.
Outtara was quoted by the Le Figaro newspaper, "For me, peace has no price. That's why I am willing to declare an amnesty for Gbagbo, as happened in the past for Benin President (Mathieu) Kerekou."
Outtara also said that the status of a former head of state will bestowed to Gbagbo.
"But he has to accept rapidly, because he's a person with blood on his hands," Ouattara further said.
Meanwhile, an Ivory Coast envoy met with government officials in Zimbabwe on Thursday that was rumored to have been seeking President Robert Mugabe's support to the embattled president.
However, an official said that Zimbabwe's stand on Ivory Coast will depend on the position of the African Union.

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