Thursday, January 20, 2011

Duvalier charged for corruption

Unidentified government sources said that former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier who surprised the world when he returned to the country on Sunday will be charged in court, said CNN.
A source in the court told CNN that charges were filed against Duvalier for financial corruption and possibly violations of human rights.
BBC said that prosecutors have charged him with misappropriation of funds and theft during the 15 years of his rule. Activists asserted that the dictator should also be charged for human rights violations for murder and torture of thousands of people.
A judge will determine within one month if accusations against the former ruler merit pursuing the case.
Baby Doc was escorted from the Karibe hotel and was transported to a courthouse for a hearing, after which he was allowed to return to the hotel without handcuffs, and waved to a small crowd of supporters carrying his photos and banners.
Journalists awaited for Duvalier in front of the hotel expecting his arrest.
Speculations are still in the air as to why the dictator returned to the country devastated by last year's great earthquake and elections, after 25 years of exile in France. It is still unknown what he hopes to accomplish.
Duvalier's Monday news conference was cancelled. He remained inside the hotel for two days until he was taken away on Tuesday.
The UN said that Duvalier's return "clearly raises issues of impunity and accountability."
Spokesman Rupert Colville of the UN Office of the High Commissionaer for Human Rights said that that the ex-dictator has a spectrum of human rights abuses and corruption issues.
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