Monday, January 31, 2011

Egypt bans Al Jazeera, Protests seen in US cities too

After a complete coverage of the uprising in Egypt, the Arabic satellite channel Al Jazeera was banned by Anas al-Fikki, outgoing information minister, according to the MENA news agency on Sunday, reported by the AFP.
MENA reported, al-Fikki has "ordered the closure of all activities by Al Jazeera in the Arab republic of Egypt, and the annulment of its licences, as well as withdrawing the press cards to all its employees as of (Sunday)."
It was interesting to note that Al Jazeera was still broadcasting during the announcement.
Meanwhile, demonstrations in support of Mubarak's ouster sprouted in several places in the US: Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, New York and Washington.
Less than 200 protesters marched from the Egyptian Embassy to the White House. They stood outside the official presidential residence chanting, "Hey Obama, don't you know, Hosni Mubarak has to go."
Trying to avoid abandoning the Egyptian leader ally, Obama said on Saturday it was not enough to re-organize Mubarak's Cabinet and pressured him to make genuine reforms.
Protesters want the 82-year-old leader to step down from his 30 years in office. Several buildings, mummies, and historical artifacts were burned according to news.
Looting were seen in the capital city. Cash machines ran out of money.
The military were one with the people when they were seen to hug and took photos of each other.
News also said that some tanks were allowed by the military to be vandalized by the protesters who wrote they want Mubarak out.
Before late Saturday, about 74 were killed during the clash. It could be over a hundred by now when a hospital reported that an additional 23 died.

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