Sunday, January 30, 2011

US demands Pakistan to release diplomat who could face murder charges

The US Embassy in Islamabad called the Pakistani authorities to immediately release a diplomat it said was illegally detained in Lahore for killing two men on Thursday, saidAFP.
Raymond Davis, an American civilian who is working in the US Consulate General in Lahore, may be charged for murder for shooting two men who he thought were going to rob him.
Detained in police custody, Davis claimed that he shot the two men as an act of self-defence.
Davis told the cops that he was in his car when the two men riding a motorcycle approached and pointed a handgun at him.
According to the relatives of the victims, the men had guns for protection. The US diplomat was unjustified for shooting at them.
A statement from the embassy said that the suspect identified himself as a diplomat and repeatedly requested for immunity under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations to which Pakistan is a signatory.
The statement further said that senior authorities and the local police did not follow the protocol to ascertain the status of the suspect in either the US territories in Lahore or in Islamabad.
The American was taken to court on Friday. He was ordered by a judge to be detained for six more days while the case is being investigated.
A third man was killed when he was hit by a Land Cruiser that was sent to the crime scene after Davis reported the shooting incident to the consulate.
This issue ignited small protests all over the country yesterday that expressed anti-American sentiments due to the US-led drone attacks in the northwest areas.
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